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Current Openings

Sales Manager

Duties and Responsibilities
• Oversee a team of automotive salespeople
• Coach sales people on best practices for closing more vehicle deals and provide advice and guidance to improve sales performance
• Oversee all activities occurring in the vehicle showroom
• Set sales goals, track progress, and lead team to achieve and exceed those quotas
• Forecast sales for upcoming months and quarters and compile the necessary reports for dealership management to review
• Step in to answer customer questions and issues when required
• Coordinate and lead all regular sales meetings with the sales staff
• Develop and manage a platform to retain customers and seek out new prospective sales
• Maintain a strong focus on satisfaction of all customers

• Leadership Skills: Your job is to motivate your employees, working with them to set and meet sales goals. You will have to resolve conflicts and may be in charge of hiring your staff.
• Analytical Skills: You will take the sales numbers and analyze them to find weaknesses in the system, cost-saving opportunities and redundancies. Good analytical skills will help you set proper goals and determine pricing.
• Customer Service: You might need to speak with dissatisfied customers, or entertain high profile clients. Customer service skills will be necessary.
• Communication Skills: A big part of sales and leadership is communication. You will need to be a good listener and speaker, to help customers and employees understand your direction and recommendations.

Education and experience is key for this job. At least a bachelor’s degree, and some may have a master’s degree in business, management or related field. However, significant experience (10- 15 years or more) in the sales field, as a sales associate or in some other sales capacity, as well as proven leadership skills.

Applicant should be 38 years and above.

Send your CV to mburu@ryce.co.ke by the 30th of November 2018.

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